It’s a pleasure working with Yoram, as he’s very knowledgeable in the digital realm. He’s extremely efficient and a whiz at solving any technical issues that may arise. He has the best attitude and is a team player even under the most stressful circumstances.

Aida Dujarric
Senior Project Manager (HP Inc., North America)
EG Plus New York

Yoram is efficient, creative and a great problem solver who makes working on digital projects easy. He always comes to the table with solutions that are on point to the brief and provides options for various budget levels. He is a team player but most of all an overall easy going person to work with.

Natalie Fernandez
Senior Account Manager (SAP & Bacardi)
EG Plus New York

Yoram and I worked together briefly during a freelance tenure at EG+. It was at EG+ that I learned how to work with the GSAP library. Yoram is known for his GSAP expertise and it’s due to his experience that learning this new skill along with being on-boarded to a new company’s workflow, that the transition went so smoothly. He’s a team player, he’s reliable, and his mentoring helped in adding more value to my existing web dev skill set. It was a pleasure working with Yoram, and he’d be an asset to any team he’s on, especially where GSAP is concerned.

Rachel Vasquez
Full Stack Web Developer

I have worked with Yoram for a number of years in the roles of Project Manager and Yoram as Digital Operator. Yoram is always fast and nimble with requests. You always know where you stand with him – which makes him excellent to work with from a management perspective. He is open and learning all the time. Any blocks he is happy to put his mind to, to solve. He is pleasant, funny, hard working and innovative. What more do you need?

Andrew Miller
Senior Project Manager (Merck, Ely Lilly, Lipton, Pure Leaf & New Business)
DDB New York

I’ve worked with Yoram for a year and can absolutely trust him to manage my expectations and get my assignments completed on time. He makes himself extremely available – if he’s not answering his phone / email, I know I can shoot him a quick text and he’ll respond immediately no matter what time of day (which helps a ton for brands like State Farm, where last minutes asks come often). Yoram has learned our brand guidelines and can distinguish when we give him work that may be slightly off, showing that he cares about the work he does for our team and wants to make sure it’s right. He’s an essential part of my team, even though we’re not even in the same office

Rose Picon
Associate Producer (State Farm)
DDB New York

I have had the pleasure of working with Yoram for many years in our Studio. He has always managed his responsibility with enthusiasm and dedication. Regardless of deadlines or other pressure, Yoram always delivers on time. He is detailed and organized and can multi-task like no other. I value and appreciate his phenomenal work ethic.

Namita Howard
Senior Project Manager (Exxon Mobil)
BBDO New York